Oral Sedation Dentistry Cupertino

Cupertino Dr. Ryan Senft

Conscious sedation can effectively address most patients’ dental anxiety during any treatment at Advanced Comprehensive Dentistry of Cupertino. From routine cleanings to restorative dentistry (tooth-colored fillings or dental crowns or bridges), to cosmetic procedures (cosmetic bonding or veneers), to more extensive oral surgery (extractions and dental implants), conscious sedation eliminates anxiety while not placing you into a deep sleep. Shortly before treatment, Cupertino sedation dentist Dr. Ryan Senft gives you a pill that leaves you sleepy and extremely relaxed. You do not fall asleep, and you are not under general anesthetic, although with conscious sedation most patients have no memory of their dental visit.


Cupertino sedation dentist Dr. Ryan Senft uses three levels dental sedation:

Light Sedation – Nitrous oxide (laughing gas)

Light Sedation – An oral sedative (a pill)

Moderate Sedation – Nitrous oxide combined with an oral sedative

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