Dental Reviews Cupertino

I have had two crowns done by Dr. Senft. He has a great passion for the field and always takes the utmost care to do good work. He is efficient, thorough, and won’t consider the job complete until it meets his high standards. When I showed a little discomfort during one of the procedures, he stopped what he was doing and made sure that the area was completely numbed. This may not seem like a big deal, but stopping in the middle of a procedure to make sure a patient is comfortable is definitely a big deal when those nerves start to protest!

Michael C.

The awesome Dr. Senft saved me from having a root canal and never shamed me once for going a ridiculous number of years without a cleaning. Gentle, considerate, and conscientious… what more could I ask for?

Eris T.

Dr. Senft is not only a skilled dentist but is also capable of many things oral surgeons usually do elsewhere like placing grafts and implants. I’ve been super happy with him.

Andy D.

I have a new dentist! My new dentist is Dr. Senft, and I am so happy to have found him. On my first visit we did an exam and found some work that needed to be done. Today was the day that convinced me to officially change from my dentist of 20 years. I needed a crown replaced and Dr. Senft has wonderful technology that makes the new crown onsite, so it’s all done in one day – no more temporary crowns! And what really impressed me was that the crown needed no adjustment: no high spots to shave, no tap, tap, tapping. It just fit perfectly. Dr. Senft is gentle and really knows what he is doing.

Cathy R.